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The Art of Credit Is Your Partner in Pursuing Your Financial Dreams

We believe that everyday people and families should have the opportunity to live the life of their dreams.

We advocate on your behalf and empower you with our exclusive tools and resources, expertise and professional guidance, and our credit repair services.

As your partners and guides, we teach you how to rebuild and properly manage your credit to support your specific goals, needs, and dreams.

Expert Guidance

You won’t be stuck wondering about the status of your case or what steps to take next. We’re with you from start to finish.

Personal Touch

We work to truly understand your situation and needs, and help you fully grasp your credit and finances for lifetime success.

About the Art of Credit

We are here to help you improve your credit and provide the absolute best tools and resources for your long term success.

Who We Are

Our company specializes in “Credit Improvement and Education,“ which should not be confused with the typical Credit Repair. Improving credit is an art form. It’s a colorful pie of data that gives you your score.

Our Mission

We’re passionate about helping you rewrite your credit story. By Empowering YOU To Achieve The Credit Scores You Deserve And To Enjoy A Lifestyle Of Greater Opportunity Through Better Credit.

Our Culture

We love what we and take pride in the effort we have put into building a truly efficient, customer-friendly organization.  Our Core Values are Honesty, Integrity, Dedication, and Commitment.

CEO- Anthony Slaughter

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Every day, credit becomes more important to your financial well being. Having great credit can save you THOUSANDS of dollars and empower you to achieve your financial dreams! 

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