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You need a complete solution to address your credit needs, and we are glad you are here! Credit repair services are just one of the ways we serve our clients. We are constantly learning and growing to bring you the best services for all of your credit needs. Here are some of the ways we help with your credit.


Credit Report Audit

When was the last time you had a professional review your credit report? Having a complete picture of your credit will empower you to make the right choices for your finances:
Understand all the accounts, records, and financial history reporting about you
Professional advice on the steps you can take to maximize your scores over time
Personalized roadmap to follow so you can have long-term success in your credit

Credit Repair Services

Remove inaccurate and unverifiable information on your credit report to help improve your credit scores. As a client, you will get massive value from our services which provide:
Personalized credit bureau disputes created, delivered, and tracked for you
Creditor direct disputes and collection validations personalized for your case
24/7 online access to your personal credit portal to follow your progress

Credit Education

We always welcome you to contact us about your credit, but it is our goal that you won’t need our services more than once. Stay up to date with any changes that impact your credit and finances:
Find the best tools to build your credit as we discover and vet them for you
Be the first to learn about changes in credit and important news
Learn long-term tactics for using your credit to its fullest potential

Some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Choose The Art of Credit?

Our team of credit professionals are interested in only one thing: getting you results.  Part of our strategy is to get you in and out of our program as fast as possible, while giving you the tools to not return.
As you can see, we do things different!

Can I repair my own credit?

Yes you can! Put a copy of our DIY software to work for you!

Be sure to join us on Facebook, there’s LOTS of support waiting for you in our exclusive DIY Facebook group.

If you ever decide you need our help, you can still hire us.

How long does credit repair take?

Every case is different, but clients can see results in as fast as 30 days. Most clients graduate our services within 4 to 6 months of enrolling.

For a more accurate timeline, contact us for a free consultation.

Will items come back on my credit?

We find that most clients do not have errors return on their credit report after the finish our credit repair program.  If they do, send us a message immediately.

Do I need a credit card?

No matter your opinion on credit cards, the FICO scoring model LOVES them. Having an established payment history goes a long way for building credit. 

Contact us so we can do a full credit audit and suggest the right card for you.

What is Your Disclosure?
Consumer Net Impression Disclosure

The Art of Credit LLC goal is to provide credit repair services to assist CONSUMER in achieving an accurate credit report. CONSUMER hereby acknowledges that The Art of Credit LLC does not guarantee any specific outcomes or results on behalf of CONSUMER, but contracts to provide the specific list of services as more fully described herein. The Art of Credit LLC does not charge for, nor shall The Art of Credit LLC collect for, any services, until such services as detailed in the listed contracted services are fully provided. The Art of Credit LLC does not contract for services to remove accurate and/or verifiable information from CONSUMER’S credit file. CONSUMER hereby acknowledges that active participation in providing The Art of Credit LLC with all requested documents, forms, and information including investigation results, is essential to providing the credit services for CONSUMER. The Art of Credit LLC does not provide tax, legal or financial advice. If you need any type of legal advice, you must contact a licensed professional.

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